Percussion's Crowning Achievment
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Wonderful works of percussive art in fiberglass, carbon fiber, wood and metal. Magnus Opus Drums has become Percussion’s Crowning Achievement where we delieve precision custom snared drums and drum sets.

Our current line of drums: Fiber-Tone, FiBro-Tone, Carbon Fiber, Cast Bronze, and Tonal Point are outlined below. Check out our Drums page to have a closer look at the construction and composition our creations and our Gallery page to see our recent works.

Our Drums are our Passion
  • High technology construction methods.
  • Innovative shell designs.
  • Unique tonal concepts.
  • We focus on customizing specific to what you want.
  • Drums built to match you drumming style.
  • Personalized service throughout the build process.

Fiberglass offers tremendous sound projection with all the crispness that a metal drum has but with warmth more like a wood ply drum. The Supernal, Stellar, Pearlescent, and Cosmic Frost styles are manufactured with high end composite woven fiber and aerospace resins.

FiBro-Tone fiberglass/bronze hybrids I make as snare drums only. I manufacture this drum with a bell bronze core encased within the fiberglass shell. The core is a continuous ring of bell bronze encompassed within the entire length of the shell to just under the bearing edge. This technique provides awesome resonance!!  The standard configuration comes with double ended lugs, high end strainer, and high end snare wires. Available in any of my unique finishes and hardware configurations.

Carbon fiber is virtually indestructible! The construction creates a strong, and superior shell. Think of these drums as the fighter jets and formula 1 racing cars of the percussion world.  Sleek and Sumptuous to the eye and the ear! Powerful and Articulate! A marvel to behold. 

The drum shells are cast using the same bell bronze metal used for high end cymbals. Over 20 pounds of molten bronze is used to create the casting! Once the shell is made it can be: left in its natural state, turned and polished, peened, or etched to create a unique outer finish.

Rock Maple shell from Keller or mixed ply imported shells . The drums are manufactured to match a particular drumming style. Shell selection combinations are endless. Wood type, number of ply, sizes, and inner and outer ply can be matched to the tonality desired.